The God TreeEdit

The God Tree is a book writen by the British Author, Michael Coatsworth-Burdess. The novel is set in Canterbury and features a fictitious tree that is said to hold the secrets of Eden. The tree is found by a young boy 'Rodger Simms' who when being chased by bullies scales the tree and when he slips and falls, the tree imparts its wisdom through dreams and its long forgotten knowledge.

From that moment Rodger has to deal with his own personal life issues and the fate of 'The God Tree' as the Dene of Canterbury wants it removed from the grounds. What happens will warm your heart as a young boy fights to save this piece of history.


Godtree - Copy
  • Whitbread Awards 2003 (Novel Entrant)
  • Whitbreat Awards 2003 (Shortlist)