The Dark Divinity SeriesEdit

The Dark Divinity Series created by Rebekah Colegrove is about the journey of Arlana who feels that she's alone in the universe and discovers that she isn't alone and that she discovers her true purpose in life.


Titles in the seriesEdit

  • Awaken (2009-2012)
  • Beyond Admiration (2013)
  • Queen of Hearts (2014)


As the main character discovers her true origins, she uncovers memories of an ongoing feud between two individuals competing for her affections.


  1. Arlana: The Main Character who is feels that she is alone in the universe and is trying to find out her true purpose in her life.
  2. Crimson: Arlana's best friend who is conflicted about his feelings for Arlana.
  3. Luf'o'sa: One of the individuals vying for Arlana's affections.
  4. Mi'ca'l: One of the individuals vying for Arlana's affections.

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